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「 Running back and his sweetheart cheerleader ...」

a very romantic and sweet pair

~ ☆ SenaSuzu Community ☆ ~
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Welcome one and all to sena_suzu, a community dedicated to the relationship between Kobayakawa Sena and Taki Suzuna from the anime/manga series Eyeshield 21 by the two geniuses Riichiro inagaki and Yusuke Murata! Theres hardly any shortyshipping goodness out there and the couple is sadly under appreciated, but we're attempting to change that though! Here you can post anything related to the couple: fanfiction, fanart, graphics, icons, or just pure crack - it can be of anything!

As usual, we have a few ground rules everyone has to follow:
1) Bashing/flaming is prohibited. Not all of us here have the same interests, but that doesn't give you the right to bash them. Please be respectful of other members and their preferences, and just because someone happens to disagree with you doesn't mean its the end of all humanity as we know it.
2) This is NOT a shipping debate zone, so please don't make it one. This is a place for people to just ENJOY their preferred pairing, so we absolutely do NOT need any sensless fighting, unecessary drama or heated pairing debates in here. All of us are gathered here because we like the SenaSuzu ship and we want to enjoy it, okay? Deal.
3) Use LJ-cuts for any fanworks you may be posting. If you have no clue how to use LJ cuts, you can refer to this page over here.
4) Please label your work properly. Put the usual characters, pairings, and warning signs and whatever is necessary to contribute to this community (for all you livejournal newbies, don't worry - we'll create an example for you so you can use it as a guide).
5) Discussions about Sena and Suzuna as individual characters as well as together as a couple is fine, but general ES21 discussions are not permitted. Remember, this is a community dedicated to the ship SenaSuzu, so please try to stay on topic.
6) More importantly: post your hearts out, have fun and spread the SenaSuzu love~ ♥! <3

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